Rep. David LaGrand Takes on Big Pharma, Votes to Lower Prescription Drug Costs

LaGrand voted for legislation to rein in medication costs and has called for establishing price limits for expensive prescription drugs.

Rep. David LaGrand Takes on Big Pharma, Votes to Lower Prescription Drug Costs

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

Earlier this year, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed House Bills 4348, 4351, and 4352, legislation designed to lower the costs of prescription drugs for Michiganders.

Representative David LaGrand joined with legislators from both parties to pass the bills, which will limit costs tacked on by licensing pharmacy benefits managers — middlemen who control whether patients can access their prescriptions and how much they pay.

Before signing the bills into law, Governor Gretchen Whitmer said, “For too long, unlicensed pharmacy benefit managers have been able to engage in practices that drive up costs for Michiganders whose lives and health depend on critical prescription drugs like insulin.” Whitmer added that the new laws bring “much-needed transparency to our healthcare system.”

LaGrand has taken additional steps to help Michiganders save money on medication. He strongly supports the creation of a Michigan Prescription Drug Affordability Board, which would research, review, and establish upper payment limits for the most expensive prescription drugs.

“The unfortunate reality is that not only has the cost of prescription medication increased dramatically over the last several years, but consumers are often given no explanation as to why. It’s unconscionable that in the richest nation on earth, people struggle to afford medicine that their doctor tells them they need,” said LeGrand. He added that establishing a Prescription Drug Affordability Board “would help bring down the costs of medication and help citizens across the state live healthier lives.”