Jennifer Conlin Calls for Increased School Funding, Support for Teachers

Conlin advocates for more improvements for Michigan’s schools, including “more personalized learning environments” for students and “pay incentives” for teachers.

Jennifer Conlin Calls for Increased School Funding, Support for Teachers

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

Jennifer Conlin, a small business owner and advocate, has joined Michigan leaders in calling for additional funding for public schools.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has proposed “a transformational investment in public education,” which would be the largest funding increase for public education in Michigan in 20 years. Conlin has said that schools are still playing “catch up” after “pandemic-induced” setbacks in learning, and that additional funding will promote school safety as well as teacher recruitment and retention.

Some of the proposed additional funding will be directed toward purchasing updated course materials and technology for students, helping to create “more personalized learning environments,” a boon for all students but particularly useful for those who are “vulnerable and have special needs,” Conlin said.

Other initiatives that additional funding would make possible include pay incentives as well as other modes of support for teachers, counselors, and other education workers.

Conlin was born and raised in Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan and Northwestern; her three children were educated in Michigan. She intends to “work with state and local agencies to address fundamental infrastructure needs” at schools, she has said.