Rep. Padma Kuppa Says Infrastructure Investment Needed to Create Jobs, Boost Economy

“We cannot let old ideological arguments prevent us from providing one of the most basic public services government is tasked with: safe, reliable, transportation infrastructure,” Representative Kuppa wrote in an open letter to her fellow legislators.

Rep. Padma Kuppa Says Infrastructure Investment Needed to Create Jobs, Boost Economy

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

Michigan Representative Padma Kuppa and fellow lawmakers are calling on their colleagues in the legislature “to negotiate with the governor and pass legislation that will meet our immediate needs for road repair” and create a plan for Michigan’s aging transportation infrastructure maintenance.

Kuppa was one of 18 legislators who signed an open letter citing a study showing just how important infrastructure spending is for working Michiganders: “Michigan drivers can expect to pay on average $648 per year in vehicle maintenance and repair as a direct result of the poor condition of our roads.”

Kuppa and her colleagues also make the case that robust infrastructure investment is necessary for the survival of Michigan’s tourism industry. “In 2019, over 125 million visitors spent $26.3 billion while visiting our great state”, the letter states, “How many will return if they are forced to interrupt their vacations with time spent getting their vehicle towed and repaired?”

State Rep. Kuppa, who is running for Michigan State Senate, is currently serving her second term representing Michigan’s 41st House District, which includes the cities of Troy and Clawson.

“If we fail to act now,” Kuppa and her colleagues write in closing, “we will have no one to blame but ourselves when the vehicle repair bill comes due and our constituents ask us why they have, yet again, been forced to deal with broken streets and broken promises of infrastructure investment.”