Whitmer Marks Milestone: 750+ Bills Signed Into Law With Republican Support100 percent of bills signed have had support from Democrats and Republicans, Whitmer says, including historic investment in education and insurance reform that guarantees lower rates for Michigan drivers.

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

On May 30th, 2019, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, signed a new bill into law that reformed Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance system. The bill made it to the Governor’s desk with support from both Republicans and Democrats, but Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey reserved his highest praise for Whitmer.

“I’m especially proud of my governor,” Shirkey, a Republican, said on the day of the signing, “She found an opportunity, discovered the possibilities and engaged at exactly the right time.”

Nearly three years later, the insurance bill is just one of more than 750 bills Governor Whitmer has signed into law with the support of Michigan’s Republican-led legislature. Another highlight: education legislation that closed the funding gap between schools in Michigan and expanded access to preschool for 22,000 children.

The governor has made it clear that cooperation between the parties will be crucial for her second term, starting with her plan to roll back the retirement tax.

“I’m just getting started,” Whitmer said in a statement, “and I’ll always work with anyone who wants to get things done for Michigan.”