Whitmer Administration Investigates Pharma Giant, “Skyrocketing” Insulin PricesPharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly is under the microscope as Whitmer’s AG launches an investigation into the company’s part in runaway insulin costs.

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

The Whitmer administration has opened an investigation into pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly’s insulin pricing practices, part of its commitment to lowering drug prices. “Nearly a million Michiganders need insulin to survive,” the Governor explained, “and for too long, drug companies have been skyrocketing prices” far beyond what patients can afford.

Whitmer and her Attorney General Dana Nessel will use the Michigan Consumer Protection Act to suss out why Eli Lilly has priced a single vial of insulin at nearly $100. 

In 2009, the same dose was a third of that. Across the board, diabetic Americans have double the healthcare costs of non-diabetics.

“No Michigander should have to face that kind of cost for life-saving medicine,” AG Nessel said. “Drug companies profit off of people’s health… enough is enough.”