New Ad Touts Whitmer’s Successful Family-Focused Pandemic Recovery The one-minute spot from political action committee Prosperity Michigan highlighted Whitmer’s work funding the state budget, improving public education, and overcoming ceaseless Republican obstructionism in the legislature.

New Ad Touts Whitmer’s Successful Family-Focused Pandemic Recovery

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

Governor Whitmer’s family-focused policies have a starring role in the new ad from Prosperity Michigan. “Many women and mothers have borne the brunt of the pandemic and all of the difficulties it has added to daily life,” the voiceover says. “Governor Whitmer is dealing with the same challenges.”

Chief among the Governor’s challenges has been confronting the state’s Republican majority in the legislature. The ad includes a 2021 clip of Senate Leader Mike Shirkey’s sexist remarks to Hillsdale County Republican party officials in which he bragged about “spanking” Governor Whitmer on a number of different initiatives, including her efforts to curtail the pandemic and keep the economy afloat.

“We did everything we could constitutionally do,” he concludes. Critics point to the fact that Michigan has shown nine straight months of job growth and the third-fastest drop in unemployment in the country as evidence Shirkey was unsuccessful at thwarting the governor’s efforts.

Prosperity Michigan says it is focused on “finding solutions to some of the biggest issues impacting hardworking Michigan families.” The PAC identifies lowering healthcare and childcare costs, establishing a more equitable tax code that would make large corporations pay their fair share, and establishing a more robust safety net for working families as its top priorities.

Of Governor Whitmer, the ad concludes: “She will always stand up for Michiganders.”