President Biden Signs Bill Investing in American Manufacturing The legislation dedicates $158 million to helping small and medium-size American manufacturers stay competitive and create jobs that can’t be shipped overseas.

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

President Joe Biden has signed off on a big investment in American manufacturing.

President Biden dedicated $158 million to bolstering American manufacturing through the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, a program that provides small and medium-size manufacturers with resources that enable them to upgrade their technology, improve their production processes, and foster innovation. The MEP’s purpose is to help US manufacturers stay competitive globally and create jobs that can’t be shipped overseas.

The MEP funding was part of the 2022 omnibus bill, which will fund the federal government through September. The bill received bipartisan support in Congress, passing with 260 votes in the House and 68 votes in the Senate. President Biden then signed the bill into law on March 9.

In addition to adding funding for American manufacturers, the bill also increased spending on the COPS Office, which invests in state, local, territorial, and tribal law enforcement.