Whitmer, Former Prosecutor, Signs Public Safety Bill Denying Parole to Violent Offenders The new legislation protects the rights of victims and survivors by allowing the Michigan Parole Board to deny parole to violent incarcerated individuals.

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

Governor Whitmer signed two bills that will amend the Michigan Corrections Code and allow the Michigan Parole Board to deny parole for violent offenders for up to five years following a majority vote and written report.

“Every family, in every community, deserves to feel safe at home and in their community,” said Governor Whitmer, herself a former prosecutor. “Keeping people safe is a top priority”.

The bills, passed with support from both parties, drew praise from Michigan Republicans. “This legislation is smart policy that all of us can agree on,” said Republican Representative Sarah Lightner. She called the bill “evidence that when working together for the health and safety of our constituents in mind, the legislature can be a force to be reckoned with.”

The bills are one part of Governor Whitmer’s larger push to protect public safety and support Michigan law enforcement. Last month, Whitmer proposed a $3 billion one-time bonus for police and other Michigan first responders. “They had our backs,” she said at the time, “and we had theirs.”

In her recent budget recommendations for 2023, Whitmer also called for a funding surge that would allow Michigan communities to “retain and recruit more cops,” a pledge she reiterated during the bill signing ceremony.

“I want to thank Governor Whitmer, Representatives Witwer and Lightner, and the Michigan legislature for passing the Victim of Violent Offenders Parole Reform Act”, said Doug Lloyd, Eaton County Prosecuting Attorney. “This act recognizes the devastating and long-lasting impact violent crimes have on victims and their families.