Bloomberg News Analysis: “Michigan is No. 1” Economy in the Nation A Bloomberg News analysis of employment numbers, resident income, home prices, and business performance found that Michigan’s economy is the strongest in the country.

Unemployment Declining in All 83 Michigan Counties

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

The numbers are in and Bloomberg News has reported that “Michigan is No. 1.”

Its economy, that is.

The financial analytics and media company looked at the employment figures, stock market valuations, household incomes, home prices, and mortgage delinquency rates for every state in the union and determined that Michigan’s economy is the strongest in the nation.

Bloomberg News also reported that Michigan has excelled even on its own terms, noting that Governor Gretchen Whitmer, “presides over an economy that improved the most in its history.”

Bloomberg New’s analysis is bolstered by recent news showing that Michigan added 9,000 jobs in February, bringing its unemployment rate down to 4.7 percent and marking the tenth straight month of job increases.