Report: Biden Delivers $1 Billion in Health Care Savings for Veterans According to a recent report, the Biden administration’s changes to the VA’s health care billing and debt policies are drastically reducing veterans’ medical costs.

Report: Biden Delivers $1 Billion in Health Care Savings for Veterans

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

President Joe Biden has taken major steps to change the way the Department of Veterans Affairs handles health care billing and debt. The measures are designed to drastically reduce medical costs for veterans.

Analysis shows that under President Biden, the VA has canceled or refunded roughly $1 billion in copayments for veterans, with the American Rescue Plan doing away with all out-of-pocket costs for veterans enrolled in VA health care.

Additionally, the Biden administration has reported that it’s making it easier for lower-income veterans to eliminate their VA medical debt. Under the existing system, veterans seeking medical debt forgiveness due to financial hardship are required to fill out complicated paperwork and meet complex eligibility requirements; the VA is now implementing a plan to streamline the process, including creating a simple online application portal and establishing a straightforward income threshold to qualify for debt relief.

The VA has also stopped reporting 99% of unfavorable debt (including medical debt) to credit agencies, with the goal of protecting veterans’ credit scores. While announcing the move, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Rohit Chopra said: “This action by the Department of Veterans Affairs sets an important new standard to halt the financial distress many families face when medical debt unfairly hits their credit report.”