Whitmer Legislation Puts $900 Million Back in Michigan Motorists’ Pockets Legislation signed by Gov. Whitmer allocates additional $400 dollar refund to drivers, following “more than $906 million that has been put back into the pockets of Michiganders.”

Whitmer Legislation Puts $900 Million Back in Michigan Motorists’ Pockets

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

Drivers in Michigan are about to rev up. $400 refunds are being sent to every insurance policyholder, CBS Detroit reports.

The funds were allocated by Gov. Whitmer, who “called for billions of dollars to be given back to Michigan’s motorists.” The Governor’s 2019 auto insurance reform directs refunds from the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) to be sent directly to drivers via check or ACH deposit.

Gov. Whitmer said that “more than $906 million” has already been returned to drivers. The latest round of refunds comes from another $2.1 billion MCCA surplus.

All drivers who had a car, motorcycle, or RV insured as of 11:59 p.m. on October 31, 2021, are eligible, and drivers of classic cars will receive an additional $80.

Gov. Whitmer has previously enacted legislation focused on helping commuters through the Building Michigan Together plan, which calls for significant and lasting repairs to Michigan’s bridges and roads.

“We will continue working together to put Michigan drivers first,” Whitmer said.