Analysis: Biden’s American Rescue Plan Doubled School Reopenings Following the American Rescue Plan’s unprecedented $122 billion investment in education, the share of K-12 schools open full-time jumped from 46 percent to 95 percent in less than a year.

Analysis: Biden's American Rescue Plan Doubled School Reopenings

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

The Biden administration got kids back to school.

President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan was the driving force behind reopening public schools and safely resuming in-person learning, analysis shows. Between January 2021 and January 2022, the share of K-12 schools open full time jumped from 46 percent to 95 percent.

Early in the first year of the Biden administration, the American Rescue Plan invested an unprecedented $122 billion to help the public school system recover from the pandemic, including $3 billion to aid students with disabilities, who were among those most impacted by school closures. In addition to the funding, the Department of Education developed and distributed comprehensive guidance to encourage schools to use the money to focus on the most urgent needs, such as reversing learning loss, accelerating academic achievement, increasing mental health support, and addressing staffing shortages.

To ensure that school reopenings were safe and sustainable, the Biden administration committed another $10 billion to fund COVID testing programs for students and educators.

In a statement, Secretary of said: “Schools, teachers, students, and families were challenged in ways none of us ever imagined. But from that struggle, came resilience.” He added that the Biden administration’s school reopening plan was aimed at “making our education system better than ever before so that all students receive the excellent education they deserve.”