New Poll: Voters Disapprove of GOP Plan to Raise Taxes for 100 Million Americans, Slash Social Security and MedicareVoters across the political spectrum oppose Senate Republican Leadership plan to raise taxes while potentially eliminating healthcare programs Americans rely on.

Report: Senate GOP Plan Could ‘Sunset’ Social Security & Medicare In Five Years

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

Republicans, Independents and Democrats all agree: they are opposed to the Senate Republican Leadership plan to raise Americans’ taxes and cut back Social Security and Medicare.

The Senate Republican Leadership plan, released by Florida Senator Rick Scott, “would raise taxes on about 100 million working class Americans” and make it possible for “programs like Social Security and Medicare” to be totally eliminated by Congress.

According to Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, the plan would “raise taxes more than $1 trillion over 10 years” for “more than half of Americans.”

Recent polls show that the majority of voters across the political spectrum are united in their opposition to the plan.

The Hill reports that Senator Scott, who serves as chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, has been “going full steam ahead” with the plan’s promotion.