Michigan Small Business Revenue Up 24% Under Whitmer AdministrationA new report from Opportunity Insights shows that Michigan’s small business revenue has grown by 24 percent under Gov. Whitmer, beating the national average and earning State Small Business Credit Initiative funding from the U.S. Treasury.

Unemployment Declining in All 83 Michigan Counties

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

Small businesses in Michigan are experiencing a boom during the Whitmer administration, according to a new report published by Opportunity Insights’ Economic Tracker. The report noted that in January 2022, small business revenue grew by a staggering 24 percent compared to January 2020, well ahead of the national 6.9 percent increase. Retail revenue enjoyed a particular boost, increasing by 80.3 percent during that time period.

Additionally, the total number of small businesses in Michigan rose, going up 8.5 percent.

Experts are saying these increases are the direct result of actions taken by Gov. Whitmer, including allocating funding for Michigan small business through a variety of initiatives like the Michigan Mainstreet Initiative, which has granted $500 million dollars to help small businesses grow and the Growing MI Business Grants program that ensures “Michigan businesses have the resources they need to build on our economic momentum.”

Additionally, economists are pointing to Whitmer’s small business tax cut that enabled businesses to grow and create jobs.

Whitmer calls small businesses “the backbone of our economy,” and says that future support will lead to “even better numbers in the future.