Biden Gets Tough on China, Protects American InnovationThe Biden administration has worked to stymie Chinese access to technologies that would improve the country’s military capabilities.

Biden Gets Tough on China, Protects American Innovation

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

President Biden is getting tough on China. The country that the administration is calling the United States’ “greatest long-term rival,” surpassing even Russia, is now facing significant controls on what kinds of exports it receives.

The White House has been enlisting partner nations to join the United States in identifying a variety of technologies that are considered sensitive and of potential military use, like artificial intelligence, and working to prevent China from obtaining them.

China’s history of human rights abuses, including its extensive network of forced labor camps, are also driving the administration’s efforts.

“As China has become more aggressive, more belligerent, more active in its tech sector, the importance of managing the relationship with China through export controls has risen,” Alan F. Estevez, head of the Bureau of Industry and Security, said.

The aim of the restrictions is not to cripple the Chinese economy, U.S. officials explained, but to prevent China’s access to technologies that would advance their scientific and military capabilities.