Record-Breaking, Life-Threatening Heat Stifles Europe With parts of Britain breaking all-time temperature records, Germany and Belgium issuing heat warnings, and wildfires raging across France and Spain, much of the continent is experiencing the dangerous and destructive results of an unprecedented heat wave.

Record-Breaking, Life-Threatening Heat Stifles Europe

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

History was made in the U.K. this week when thermometers at London’s Heathrow Airport recorded temperatures in excess of 40 degrees Celsius, or over 104 degrees Fahrenheit. In a country unaccustomed to such extraordinary temperatures, workers were told to stay home, school was canceled, and train service was suspended.

The unprecedented heat wave that descended on Europe this week had ramifications far beyond the British Isles. Hot, dry conditions fed wildfires throughout Spain and France. Belgium and Germany issued heat warnings for large portions of their countries. And in the Netherlands, Amsterdam’s extensive series of mechanical bridges were sprayed with water to keep them cool and prevent jams associated with expanding metal.

The exceptional heat is expected to subside after two days, but global climate change has many convinced that such extremes are likely to become the new normal.