Water Emergency Declared in Mississippi as Floods Exacerbate Existing Problems at Water PlantResidents of Jackson are without running or clean water as severe flooding from Pearl River further damages water plant, exacerbating systemic issues. State and city officials move to distribute water to city residents as shortage expected to last several days.

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

This Monday, August 29th, city officials in Jackson, Mississippi declared a water system emergency as severe flooding in the Pearl River caused damage to the O.B. Curtis Water Plant. Residents find themselves with low or no water pressure and have been advised not to use the water even when brushing their teeth.

State and city officials are working to set up water distribution sites for residents of Jackson.

While communication around the water shortage has stressed the recent flooding, the Environmental Protection Agency flagged major concerns with systemic problems at the O.B. Curtis Water Plant, going so far as to issue a Safe Drinking Water Act Emergency Administrative Order in 2020.

Residents are still under the ‘boil water notice’ of late July after the main pumps at the water plant were severely damaged, and the water system systematically failed in February 2021 with frozen pipes and low water pressure causing some residents to go without water for several weeks.