Doctors and OBGYNs Weigh In On Abortion Debate In MichiganThe doctors’ comments come as the issue of abortion is being debated throughout the state of Michigan.

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

Michigan doctors are weighing in on the ongoing abortion debate in Michigan.

Their comments come as a Michigan judge struck down a 1931 law that criminalized abortion as unconstitutional. Governor Gretchen Whitmer had sued to block the law from going into effect and the Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that a constitutional amendment enshrining abortion rights will be on the ballot this November.

Gov. Whitmer holds a contrasting opinion to gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, who recently stood behind the 91 year old law that makes abortion illegal even in the cases of rape and incest.

That position drew sharp criticism from a group of Michigan doctors, including Dr. Audrey Stryker, an OBGYN, who said Dixon’s position goes “against medical science, evidence and healthcare.”

Elaborating, Dr. Lawrence Ullmer, a family practice physician, added, “the idea of forcing victims of rape and incest to carry pregnancies to term, is inhumane and goes against all medical ethics…Immediate physical and mental trauma of rape is horrific, but a young girl forced to carry and deliver her rapist’s child frequently have a lifetime of mental health struggles.”