Candidates Discuss Differences On Abortion Rights In Michigan

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

After the repeal of Roe v. Wade, a previously unenforceable 1931 law criminalizing abortion in the state has divided Michigan lawmakers. The law can be used to punish women who seek abortions, as well as doctors who perform them, with jail sentences of up to four years.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer sued to block the law from going into effect and the court recently issued a permanent injunction.

This contrasts with the position of Tudor Dixon, the Republican gubernatorial nominee in Michigan, who recently spoke out about her opposition to abortion.

During a stop on her campaign tour, Dixon, who supports enforcement of the 90-year-old law even in cases of rape and incest, suggested that granting Michiganders the right to an abortion would create “a safe haven” for sexual predators. “If you’re a predator, there’s nothing you like more than abortion,” Dixon said.