Two Companies Get Green Light to Sell Medical Marijuana in GeorgiaState board awarded contracts to Botanical Sciences and Trulieve, authorizing them to sell medical marijuana after a 7-year wait. Four more contracts remain unawarded.

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

The Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission unanimously approved licenses for two companies to produce and sell medical cannabis in Georgia, reported the AP.

Truelieve and Botanical Sciences will be allowed to sell medical cannabis oil containing no more than 5% THC to nearly 25,000 registered patients, who need the products to help treat illnesses including severe seizures, Parkinson’s disease, and terminal cancers.

Each company is authorized to open 5 dispensaries.

Until now there was no legal way to get the drug, despite the law legalizing medical cannabis having been passed in 2015. As such, patients either needed to go out-of-state to purchase their medications or turn to black markets.

The decision comes after a contentious 7-year wait and leaves four licenses still unawarded. While the commission was set to award all six contracts last year, the process was frozen after the 15 losing companies filed lawsuits alleging bias and unfairness in the awards process.

The deadlock was overcome after Governor Brian Kemp appropriated $150,000 for administrative judge Stephanie Howells to adjudicate the protests.

Nevertheless, the remaining four contracts remain frozen until ongoing litigation can be settled.