Biden Outlines Global Strategy to Tackle China, Russia, and Support U.S. Middle ClassNational security strategy aims to support the American middle class while identifying China as primary and strategic concern and competitor, outlining goals of containing an increasingly dangerous Russia, and working with allies to address issues of climate change and oil prices.

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

President Joe Biden laid out his first national security strategy this month, reported the AP, laying out a vision of the a “decisive” next decade and an American strategy, which prioritizes the needs and interests of the American middle class while checking China, containing an aggressive Russia, and working with allies to address a narrowing window of opportunity for addressing climate change.

Laying out the Biden Administration’s priorities, the strategy document states, “we understand that if the United States is to succeed abroad, we must invest in our innovation and industrial strength, and build our resilience, at home…Likewise, to advance shared prosperity domestically and to uphold the rights of all Americans, we must proactively shape the international order in line with our interests and values.”

The strategy clearly identifies China as the only real competitor for the U.S. with both the desire and capability to “reshape the international order.” Nevertheless, the strategy also deals directly with emergent and continuing threats from Russia, price manipulations of oil by Saudi Arabia, and ongoing global crises like climate change, food insecurity, pandemics, and inflation.

Speaking in an introduction to the document, Biden said, “around the world, the need for American leadership is as great as it has ever been. We are in the midst of a strategic competition to shape the future of the international order,” stressing the need for nations to measure up to their responsibilities, especially in this difficult moment.

Commenting specifically on the issue of oil prices, Biden indicated that they were exploring economic responses to Saudi Arabia’s announcement that they would cut oil production, threatening a further increase on oil prices.