President Biden Designates New National Monument in Colorado at Former WWII Training Ground: Camp Hale – Continental Divide National MonumentTraining ground helped prepare soldiers for combat in the Alps in Italy, many of whom returned to build many of the ski and alpine resorts of Colorado. The designation should preserve it for future generations.

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

President Biden established the first national monument of his presidency, the AP reported, proclaiming Camp Hale – Continental Divide National Monument, spanning 53,800 acres in Colorado, would be protected by the U.S. Forest Service for future generations.

Joining at least 12 other military sites as designated national monuments, Camp Hale was a crucial training ground for soldiers preparing to embark for combat in the Italian Alps during World War Two. The site is now used for outdoor activities like skiing and hiking, and it is also home to many rare wildlife species.

Joined at the ceremony by two veterans from the famed 10th Mountain Division, President Biden said, “soldiers in Camp Hale learned to scale rock, ski and survive, preparing for the war they were about to fight,” praising the troops’ “skill, strength and stamina that could’ve been only gained in a place like this.”

Many of these same soldiers returned to Colorado after the war and were pivotal in establishing the world-renowned ski industry in Colorado, which has been pivotal to its economy.

In his statement, Biden called the designation “permanent” such that none of his successors can overturn it, in a reference to Trump’s attempts to open national parks to exploitation by private interests. While the issue has not been resolved in court, Biden reversed many of Trump’s decisions, returning and at times expanding national parks in Utah and off the New England coast.