Changes to Voting Process from 2018 Means Ballots Can Be Counted Faster, Say ExpertsAdjustments to Michigan voting laws from proposition 3, passed in 2018, allow for no-excuses absentee voting, same-day registration for voting in person, fastervote tally, and help prevent fraud experts say.

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

Popular changes to the voting process in 2018 will help speed up vote counting and ensure vote integrity in 2022’s upcoming election, experts say.

Proposition 3, which passed with over 66% approval in 2018 made important changes to Michigan’s voting laws, ensuring freer and fairer elections.

Among them, Prop 3 brought Michigan in line with 37 other states by allowing no-excuse absentee ballots, a change that will help working parents and other voters with time constraints. This change also means that voters can vote early allowing for processing of ballots before election day. This means counts can come in sooner once election day is over, and experts say this will help speed up the voting process and avoid fraud. Further, it created a built-in election audit that ensures accuracy and transparency within the process, which involved hundreds of Republican, Democratic and nonpartisan municipal and county clerks from more than 1,300 local jurisdictions, hand counting more than 18,000 randomly-selected ballots throughout the state.

Prop 3 also allows citizens to register to vote anytime with proof of residency, meaning voters can now register to vote on election day itself. At least 17 other states including Idaho, Colorado, and Wisconsin also allow same-day registration.

The popular measure featured several other measures that experts say have improved the voting process in Michigan including protecting the right to vote in secret ballots, ensuring military service members and overseas voters can obtain ballots, restoring the option to vote straight party, and automatically registering citizens to vote at the Secretary of State’s Office unless the citizen declines.