Tudor Dixon Confirms Support for Criminalizing Abortion in Cases of Rape, Incest; Whitmer Vows to Defend RightsAbortion in Michigan faces an uncertain future following the fall of Roe v. Wade, and the issue took center stage in the first debate between Governor Whitmer and GOP nominee Tudor Dixon.

Tudor Dixon (R) has said a 14-year-old-girl raped by a family member is a

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

Tudor Dixon stood behind her previous remarks about abortion and confirmed that she supports a 1931 Michigan law that does not provide exceptions to an abortion ban in cases of rape and incest.

In an interview, Dixon was asked about whether a 14-year-old who had been raped by her uncle should be permitted access to an abortion and she said that this was a “perfect example.” She has also suggested that right to an abortion creates “a safe haven” for sexual predators. “If you’re a predator, there’s nothing you like more than abortion,”

Dixon’s position stands in contrast to that of Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who has sued to block the 91-year-old Michigan law, which would make abortion illegal even in the case of rape and incest, from going into effect. Whitmer has said abortion is a personal decision that should remain between women and their families, their doctors, and their God — not politicians.