Republican Arizona Election Officials Debunk Kari Lake’s Misinformation About ElectionDefeated Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake’s Baseless “Slow-Roll” Vote Count Claim Called “Offensive”

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

Bill Gates, the Republican Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors had no patience for defeated gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s misinformation about the election as she refused to concede despite losing to Governor-elect Katie Hobbs.

Gates, a member of Lake’s own party, slammed Lake’s rhetoric as “offensive.”

He and other Maricopa county officials were prepared for this kind of false rhetoric and charges. They’d spent the last two years preparing for an onslaught of falsehoods and misinformation after the 2020 presidential election led to spurious claims that the election had been stolen from former-President Trump. The state’s Republican-led senate pushed for an partisan election review” of the results the following year only to produce a finding that validated President Biden’s victory.

Starting in May 2022, officials began speaking publicly about what to expect from the drumbeat of election deniers both inside and outside of Arizona. The county has held regular press conferences since early October, and has briefed the public almost daily since the November 8 election to quickly respond to claims of fraudulence and mismanagement.

At one such press conference last week, Democratic Sheriff Paul Penzone spoke alongside Mr. Gates and remarked on the climate of election denialism focused on the county. “What’s the saying, a lie travels around the world … 10,000 times before the truth even gets started?” he said. “That’s what we’re seeing here. We’re seeing people empowered by saying things that make them feel good, and they’re not accountable for it, and they lie.”