GOP-Leaning Wall Street Journal Ed Board Says Kari Lake Election Loss A Repudiation of Election Conspiracy TheoriesLake’s Failure Just One of Three Arizona Races Lost by GOP-Backed 2020 Election Deniers

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

A November 16 piece published by the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board called Kari Lake’s loss in the Arizona gubernatorial race “evidence” that the former news anchor’s Trump-endorsed brand of combative election denialism is an obvious “loser” for the GOP.

The historically right-leaning editorial board noted that two other election-deniers running statewide races for U.S. Senate and Secretary of State also lost, both by nearly 5 point margins. The latest results from the Attorney General’s race, which has yet to be called, shows Trump-endorsed candidate Abraham Hamadeh trailing his Democratic opponent.

Down the ballot, the editorial board observed that Republican State Treasurer Kimberley Yee won re-election by a sizable margin without resorting to Ms. Lake’s disproven claims about fraudulent returns in the 2020 election. Additionally, the remaining Republican statewide office candidate who did not challenge the 2020 Arizona election results, Tom Horne, won the Superintendent of Public Instruction race.

The Journal concludes thusly: “Kari Lake is a telegenic fraud theorist straight out of Mar-a-Lago casting, running in a historically red state, in a year with an unpopular Democratic President and 8% inflation. If Ms. Lake couldn’t win on “Stop the Steal” in 2022, it’s hard to see how anyone else can pull it off.”