Michelle Obama Kicks Off Monthlong Book Tour for “The Light We Carry” The Former First Lady’s Third Book Details Her Techniques for Overcoming Fear, Helplessness, Self Doubt

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

Former First Lady Michelle Obama launched a six-city book tour this month with a ranging, often funny conversation at the Warner Theater in Washington, DC, with the former TV host Ellen DeGeneres. Ms. Obama explained the origins of her third book, “The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times,” and how she tries to focus on the things that she can control while otherwise feeling out of control.

For her, that meant that during the isolation of the pandemic lockdown and the convulsions of racial unrest of that period, she did a lot of knitting.

“The interesting thing about knitting and using your hands and making something is that it is meditative,” she explained to Ms. DeGeneres. “In so many ways, it is like a faith. It’s a thing that shuts your worrying mind and lets your hands take over.”

The book is not intended to be a how-to-manual, she explained, but rather a description of her “personal toolbox,” the habits, attitudes, beliefs, and objects that help her overcome her feelings of fear, helplessness and self doubt.

In the book’s introduction, which was published on November 15, Ms. Obama writes that she wants to show, “what I use professionally and personally to help me stay balanced and confident, what keeps me moving forward even during times of high anxiety and stress.”

“The Light We Carry” is Ms. Obama’s first book since 2018’s massively successful memoir “Becoming,” which sold over 17 million copies.