100-Mile World Record Disqualified after Controversial Racecourse Measurement Error Camille Herron’s 100-mile world record of 12 hours and 41 minutes was discounted after USA Track & Field refused to certify results, claiming course was several hundred feet too short, a claim contested by Herron and race organizers.

100-Mile World Record Disqualified after Controversial Racecourse Measurement Error

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

In February 2022, 40-year-old Camille Herron, one of the world’s most accomplished professional ultrarunners, beat the world record for the 100-mile, finishing in a mere 12 hours 41 minutes, 30 minutes faster than Arlen Glick, the first male finisher.

Or so she thought.

Now her world record, and indeed every race that day at the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival, has been disqualified by US Track & Field for an apparent miscalculation of the race distance, the Washington Post reported.

After the race, a top graded World Athletics measurer checked the distance twice – once in February and again in November – and concluded that the distance was 716 feet short of 100-miles, contradicting the race organizer’s measurer.

Herron, her coach/husband Conor Holt, and race director Ken Rubeli have contested this claim stating that the findings were “open to subjectivity” and questioned the accuracy of measurements taken eight months after the race and without the participation of the race organizer.

Nevertheless, David Katz, chair of USATF Road Running Technical Council stated that after a total of 4 post-race measurements and a long process of verifying various data points that the race organizers “produced a course of less than 100 miles.”

The difference comes down to slight changes made to one turn for safety, and subsequent adjustments made the turns to compensate. The organizer Rubeli questioned the wisdom of USATF’s ruling stating that “inches matter in a short loop course with over 90 laps” and argued that the USATF’s measurers failed to take his changes into account.

While the debate appears to be ongoing, what is clear is the results have been demoralizing for Camille Herron, who said that “this has weighed heavy on me and impacted my performances.”