Automatic Braking Systems Cut Incidence of Rear-End Crashes in Half 20 Auto Manufacturers Commit to Making the Technology Standard in Nearly All Light-Duty Vehicles by Mid-2023

Automatic Braking Systems Cut Incidence of Rear-End Crashes in Half

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

The driverless vehicle revolution has yet to arrive, but its little sister, automatic braking technology, is a demonstrable success according to two recent studies. Data from 12 million police-reported accidents across 13 states shows that cars equipped with the automated systems reduce the incidence of rear-end car crashes by half.

Twenty automakers have committed to making the technology standard in 95 percent of their light-duty vehicles by the end of the current model year, which concludes in August of 2023.

The two studies by The Partnership for Analytics Research in Traffic Safety and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also found that the systems reduced crashes involving pickup trucks by 40 percent.

The Insurance Institute’s Vice President of Research Jessica Cicchino noted that “pickups account for 1 out of 5 passenger vehicles on U.S. roads, and their large size can make them dangerous to people in smaller vehicles or on foot.” Still, pickups remain less likely than sedans and other vehicle types to have these systems equipped and so deserve special scrutiny.

Though less significant, the studies also found that lane departure warning systems and lane-keeping systems reduced crashes caused by vehicles leaving the roadway by 8 percent.