“I Blocked My Mom”: Instagram Gossip Superstar Deuxmoi Gets Personal Ahead of New Novel Release The anonymous Instagram gossip guru, whose account boasts 1.7 million followers, spoke with the AP ahead of the release of her new novel, “Anon Pls”.

“I Blocked My Mom”: Instagram Gossip Superstar Deuxmoi Gets Personal Ahead of New Novel Release

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

As social media’s answer to TMZ and People Magazine, the woman behind Deuxmoi is used to staying out of the spotlight. Until now: the anonymous New Yorker behind the account, which seeks out and shares unconfirmed celebrity gossip with her audience of nearly 2 million, just released a new novel, “Anon Pls”, based on her personal experience.

In anticipation of the book’s release, Deuxmoi spoke with the Associated Press about a wide range of topics, including why she blocked her mom, the four people she won’t post about, and the emotional moment she realized her account’s success would let her leave a “depressing” old job. Of course, she made sure to maintain her anonymity by turning off the camera during her video call with the AP.

While Deuxmoi maintained that she thinks her parents are “proud of me” for the account that has spawned a podcast, sponsorship deals, and now, a novel, she admitted that her mother isn’t a fan of the account’s core mission: sharing gossip. “I blocked my mom from the account,” she said, “Early on she would call me and be like, “This isn’t very nice,” you know, not that it was mean, but just the fact that I was like talking about somebody, a celebrity. She didn’t like it. So I blocked her.”

Deuxmoi’s mother isn’t the only person who isn’t a fan. One celebrity approached Deuxmoi directly and “said they felt really uncomfortable being posted about and they were so cool about it.” Now, they’re one of four people Deuxmoi absolutely won’t post about. The others? Haley Beiber, Kacey Musgraves, and another person who Deuxmoi says “I talk about in my book but don’t name.”

Deuxmoi has other ironclad rules when it comes to what she posts. “Sightings are not posted in real time,” she said. “I’m not trying to be Gawker Stalker.…Gawker was not my inspiration. It was honestly “Gossip Girl,” like, “Spotted: on the steps of the Met.” That was the inspiration.” She added, “I also try not to post about anyone underage.”

Although she wrote “Anon Pls” with the help of co-author Jessica Goodman, Deuxmoi insists the account is a one-woman show: “I’m the only one who’s posting and answering (direct messages). I started answering all my DMs, because I knew what it felt like to message somebody with a platform and not get a response.”

That same desire to relate to her audience is at the heart of her new book: ““The story is relatable,” she said. “It could happen to anybody who just happens to fall into something that becomes a phenomenon.”

“Anon Pls” was published on November 8th, 2022 by William Morrow.