Report: Senate GOP Plan Raises Taxes on Nearly 38% of MichigandersAnalysis shows the Republicans’ proposed tax plan would make Michigan one of the hardest-hit states in the nation.

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

According to a new report issued by the Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy, a new plan from Senator Rick Scott, a key member of Republican Senate leadership, would raise taxes on more than 38 percent of Michiganders, making the state one of the hardest hit in the nation.

Those making between $21,500 and $45,600 could see their taxes going up an average $1,390 a year. In fact, 40 percent of Americans would likely see their taxes go up by more than $1,000.

When Scott first released the 11-point plan he warned, “This plan is not for the faint of heart” and may “strike fear in the heart of some Republicans.”

“At best, it is wholly irresponsible and negligent,” one Republican strategist said of Rescue America.“At worst, it is somebody trying to put their own political ambitions ahead of the party as a whole.”

The Republican Party’s new tax plan could affect more than 100 million Americans, including many retirees.