New Report Shows Nine Straight Months of Job Growth for Michigan Under WhitmerMichigan has seen nine straight months of job growth and the third-fastest drop in unemployment nationwide, good news for “the no 1 economy” in the country.


By Main Street Sentinel Staff

A new report on Michigan’s latest economic numbers has been released and it shows the state is in the midst of its best recovery in history. With nine straight months of job growth, Michigan has the third-fastest drop in unemployment in the nation.

The good economic news follows headlines pointing to Michigan as “the number one economy” in the country. The latest  report is due in part to a manufacturing boom, with 20,000 auto jobs being added to Michigan’s economy since Governor Whitmer took office. Further, the rise of other high-skill, in-demand jobs in fields like semiconductor chip production, software, and agriculture means Michigan is bouncing back from the pandemic and creating high-quality, well-paying jobs in the process.

In announcing the jobs numbers, Governor Whitmer also discussed her role turning a projected $3 billion deficit at the beginning of the pandemic to a $7 billion surplus today. With this surplus, Governor Whitmer said she is proposing tax cuts for seniors and working families, rolling back a retirement tax that would put an average of $1,000 back into the pockets of older Michiganders. Further, the state of Michigan has used part of the funding to invest nearly in its infrastructure in order to boost the economy and create jobs, repairing and replacing over 900 bridges.