Biden Strengthens U.S. Supply Chain with New Plan to Create More Trucking Jobs & Lower CostsThe Biden administration launched a major effort to get more truckers on the road and help bring down costs for families.

Biden Strengthens U.S. Supply Chain with New Plan to Create More Trucking Jobs & Lower Costs

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

With supply chain snarls raising prices across the United States, President Joe Biden is tackling the problem with a major push to get more truckers on the road.

Trucking moves 72 percent of goods in the US, yet the number of truckers had been declining in the year leading up to the pandemic owing to high turnover and poor job quality. As a result, trucking costs surged 20 percent as the supply of truckers has remained too low to meet soaring demand for goods.

In order to lower prices for American consumers by addressing supply chain issues, the Biden administration has been working to increase trucking employment by cutting through bureaucratic red tape, scaling up recruitment, and taking steps to make trucking jobs better.

The administration has been working with states to expedite commercial driver license processing, with analysis showing that commercial driver license processing increased 112 percent in the first months of 2022 compared to the same period last year.

Additionally, the administration launched initiatives aimed at doubling the number of trucking apprenticeships and connecting veterans to trucking employment opportunities. These efforts have been accompanied by measures designed to improve trucking career quality, including plans to strengthen workplace safety, make vehicle leasing arrangements fairer, address issues related to parking and wait times, and cut down on challenges to getting women into the industry.

Analysis shows that the administration’s work is beginning to pay off. Since Biden took office, overall trucking employment has grown to exceed its pre-pandemic level by 35,000, and employment in long-distance trucking – the sector that had been suffering from the worst declines – saw more growth from December 2021 to February 2022 than it had since the 1990s. That’s good news for both trucking and American consumers.