Ford Announces New Michigan Manufacturing Jobs Thanks To Key Whitmer InitiativeGovernor Whitmer and Ford work together to invest over $2 billion to create over 3,200 well-paying manufacturing jobs that cannot be shipped overseas.


By Main Street Sentinel Staff

Governor Gretchen Whitmer announces that Ford will invest $2 billion in manufacturing plants in Michigan.

This investment is expected to create over 3,200 manufacturing jobs in Michigan and is supported by Governor Whitmer’s Critical Industry Investment Program, which she signed into law December 2021. “With this announcement, Michigan has added nearly 25,000 auto jobs since I took office,” said Whitmer, “and we continue to lead the future of mobility and electrification.”

The investment into five plants in Southeast Michigan will help secure the state’s global competitiveness in internal combustion and electric vehicle manufacturing. In addition, this boost in manufacturing jobs will have a knock-on effect across the entire state adding upwards of 14,000 additional jobs and up to $22.5 billion in new personal income over the next 16 years.

The income generated by these jobs will help individuals and small businesses recover from the economic impact of the COVID pandemic and help spur redevelopment and investment in the state for commercial and residential purposes, Whitmer explained.

Echoing Whitmer’s support, Republican Speaker of the House Jason Wentworth said, “Michigan workers…deserve the good-paying jobs and long-term commitment this project will provide.”

Speaking at the announcement, Governor Whitmer praised Ford’s investment. “We are thrilled that Ford is advancing its long legacy in Michigan…let’s continue in this spirit of collaboration to keep growing our economy, creating jobs,” she urged.