Whitmer Discusses Overcoming Partisan Obstruction to Create Jobs, Lower Rx Drug Costs for Michigan FamiliesAnalysis shows that Whitmer is willing to fight partisan obstructionism to deliver for Michigan families.

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

In the last year, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has overseen the passage of several pieces of legislation to create jobs, improve infrastructure, and crack down on the pharmaceutical industry—many times over the objection of Republican lawmakers in Lansing.

Whitmer successfully advocated for the creation of a $1 billion economic development fund designed to attract business investment to Michigan which, after being signed into law, helped Michigan add 220,000 jobs in 2021.

She fought and beat back critics in her quest to repair or rebuild over 13,000 lane miles of road and 900 bridges, supporting approximately 82,000 jobs. Earlier this year, Whitmer successfully advocated for the enactment of two plans, Building Michigan Together and Rebuilding Michigan Plan, focused on additional infrastructure improvements and job growth.

Despite a Republican majority in the Michigan state legislature, Whitmer was able to push through legislation aimed at lowering the cost of prescription drugs for Michigan residents and ensuring fair and transparent drug pricing practices. The legislation, which Whitmer signed into law in February 2022, reined in the costs tacked on by licensing pharmacy benefits managers—middlemen who control whether patients can access their prescriptions and how much they pay.

Additionally, under Whitmer’s direction, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel sued major drug companies over their role in the state’s opioid crisis, resulting in a nearly $800 million settlement. Whitmer signed into law two bills directing the money into new investments in treating and preventing opioid abuse, including support for people in recovery and training programs for first responders.