Blind Dog Reunited with Owner After Falling 15 Feet UndergroundFirefighters managed to safely rescue 13-year-old Cesar after he fell into a hole at a construction site.

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

An blind dog was safely returned to his owner after falling into a deep, narrow hole at a Pasadena, California construction site.

13-year-old Cesar apparently fell into the 15-foot-deep, 3-foot-wide hole after wandering away from his nearby home, where he lives with his owner, Mary, and a canine sibling. Mary told reporters that she was made aware of Cesar’s predicament by the barking of her other dog; when Cesar responded, she could tell he was no longer in the yard.

Firefighters were called to the site to rescue Cesar—a task made more difficult by the narrowness of the hole. “There’s a lot of steps we need to do to make it as safe as possible. For not just the dog but also our rescuers,” said Pasadena Fire Chief Chad Augustin.

The team set up a rope-and-pulley system that allowed one firefighter to be lowered into the hole, get the dog into a harness, and bring him back up to ground level. Cesar emerged unharmed—though covered in a thick coat of construction dust—and was happily reunited with Mary at the scene.