Beer-Battered Highway: Semitrailer Spills Coors Light on Florida InterstateOverturned semi spills Silver Bullet beer on Florida highway.

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

Drivers near Tampa, Florida were treated to an unusual sight on Wednesday: a highway filled with beer cans.

In the aftermath of a collision on Interstate 75, a semitrailer spilled its contents—cases of Coors Light Silver Bullet beer—into the road.

Florida Highway Patrol have said that the accident, involving several vehicles in the southbound lanes of the Interstate, was caused by a semitrailer which collided with another semi in the process of changing lanes. Nearby vehicles braked to avoid collision, but an additional nearby semi, loaded with cases of Coors Light Silver Bullet beer, was unable to stop in time and ran into a pickup truck.

The people in the pickup truck have reported minor injuries.

According to Florida troopers, the spill happened just after 6 a.m., and by noon the road was cleared so traffic could flow as usual.