Michigan State Sec. Race: Benson Stays Focused On Ensuring Fair Elections While Karamo Touts Debunked Election Conspiracy TheoriesSecretary of State Jocelyn Benson asks lawmakers for $100 million to improve election processes for Michiganders, while GOP opponent Kristina Karamo falsely claims 2020 election results were illegitimate.

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has “a moral and legal duty to stand by the will of the people” as she oversees the state’s elections.

A law professor who has served Michiganders as Secretary of State since 2018, Benson has plans to ensure that Michigan’s 2022 elections will proceed smoothly. “Michigan voters deserve election results on election night and for their elections to be sufficiently funded,” she says. Benson has asked the state legislature to allocate $100 million for “upgrading machines, training election workers and challengers,” educating voters, and providing security at polling places. She has also asked for faster pre-processing of absentee ballots and the option of allowing military members deployed overseas to vote electronically.

Benson’s GOP opponent, Kristina Karamo, has earned endorsements from Trump and other election deniers, including Republican ex-Senator Patrick Colbeck and podcaster “Trucker” Randy Bishop, as she echoes false claims of election fraud. Trump has said that Karamo will combat the “massive crime” of election fraud.

Trump lost the presidential election in Michigan by 154,000 votes, as confirmed by over 250 audits on both the state and local level. A Republican-led Senate report confirmed that there was no “widespread or systematic fraud in Michigan.”