Experts, Local Leaders Have High Confidence in Michigan Election Results and SecurityMichigan Public Policy Survey finds leaders very confident in 2022 election processes and results.

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

Michigan’s leaders are more confident than before in the state’s ability to administer elections. The state’s Public Policy Survey recently found that township and city officials are even more certain of election security than they were in 2020.

In the aftermath of false claims about the integrity of the 2020 presidential election, won by Joe Biden, election security has become a pressing topic. The Michigan Public Policy Survey, conducted in spring 2022, found that 92 percent of Michigan officials are “very confident in their jurisdiction’s ability to administer an accurate election” this November.

85 percent of officials feel certain that the “vote results, voting machines, and voter rolls” in their jurisdictions will be secure, which represents a rise of over 20 percent from 2020. Accordingly, leaders’ expectations of mistakes in voting procedure and other Election Day malfunctions have gone down since 2020. Leaders’ concerns about poll staffing have also gone down, though about a third of surveyed officials, mostly from “larger jurisdictions,” still indicate that recruitment is an issue.

However, officials are slightly more concerned than they were in 2020 about voter perceptions of the election. Only 52 percent of officials “believe that their own residents are very confident” in the elections that will be held in their communities in November. And nearly 20 percent of officials point to “intentional disinformation” about the election as a source of concern. Nearly 30 percent of officials in large districts say that disinformation is an issue in their communities.