Facebook Winds Down Bulletin, A Substack-like Subscription Service Meta, the parent company of Facebook, will not continue Bulletin, a service originally intended as an alternative to Substack.

Facebook Winds Down Bulletin, A Substack-like Subscription Service

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

Established two years ago, Bulletin was supposed to be Meta’s alternative to Substack—a subscription-based platform providing an apolitical space for content creators like New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell, political activist Malala Yousafzai, and sports reporter Erin Andrews. But Meta has now announced that the service will shut down in January 2023.

This off-platform product itself is ending,” but “we remain committed to supporting these and other creators’ success and growth on our platform,” Meta wrote in a statement. It has said that content creators’ remaining contracts will be paid out, and that the future of the existing content will be decided by the creators, who may migrate their work to another platform or archive it.

Hamish McKenzie, chief writing officer at Substack, expressed hopes that some of the creators whose work appeared on Bulletin will now move to Substack. “If they’re looking for a great home where they have total ownership and full control of their destinies, then Substack is here for them,” he said.

Initial hopes for Bulletin were linked to the apparent success of Substack. But that company too has not performed as well as expected, laying off 14 percent of staffers in June 2022. Substack has also met with criticism for its lack of quality control, generating accusations that misinformation proliferates on the site. Bulletin’s focus on entertainment was meant to offer an alternative to the highly politicized space of Substack.