GOP Governor Candidate: Trucker Protest That Cost Michigan $51M in Lost Wages Not a “Problem”Gov. hopeful James Craig affirmed his support for the trucker blockade cutting off traffic on the Ambassador Bridge. The week-long blockade cost Michigan working families an estimated $51M in wages.

Republican James Craig

By Main Street Sentinel Staff

James Craig confirmed his support for the Canadian truckers who blocked the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Ontario, The Detroit News reports.

In a statement, Craig said, “I stand with the truckers.” Craig is among the Republican candidates running for Governor of Michigan this fall.

The week-long blockade was damaging for the auto industry and Michigan’s economy. In Michigan and other U.S. states, automakers including Ford, General Motors, and Toyota Motor North America were forced to close plants or significantly reduce production capacity, resulting in $51 million in lost wages, according to some estimates.

The blockading truckers were “in violation of the law,” according to Michigan’s Attorney General.

Without mentioning the costs to working families of cutting off the free flow of trade, Craig said, “I reject the notion” that the protests were “the problem.”